Be a good guide to forge ahead a new journey - warmly celebrate the 37th Teacher's Day

       在第三十七个教师节来临之际,习近平总书记给全国高校黄大年式教师团队代表回信,并向全国广大教师致以节日的祝贺和诚挚的祝福。习近平总书记回信勉励全国高校黄大年式教师团队代表,Continue to study and carry forward the noble spirit of Comrade Huang Danian and other excellent teachers,Together with the teachers of colleges and universities across the country,Cultivate moral integrity,Devote oneself to study,Pioneering and innovative,Truly unite for learning, for things, and for people,Be a guide to the growth of good students,We will continue to make new contributions to training socialist builders and successors with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, the United States and labor, and comprehensively building a modern socialist country。

  习近平总书记的回信,充分肯定了全国高校黄大年式教师团队代表立足本职岗位,凝聚团队力量,在教书育人、科研创新等方面取得的可喜成绩,充分体现了党中央对教育事业和广大教师的亲切关怀与特殊厚爱。习近平总书记的回信高瞻远瞩、情真意切、催人奋进,是全国1790多万名教师Truly unite for learning, for things, and for people,当好十大赌博靠谱网络平台引路人的思想指引。Standing in the centennial historical node of the party,A new starting point for the realization of the second Centenary Goal,学习贯彻落实好习近平总书记重要回信精神,Learn to inherit and carry forward good Huang Danian and other excellent teachers have the noble spirit of great self and sincere service to the country,For us to implement the "double reduction" task,Building a high-quality education system,It is of great significance to adhere to the ideal of education to serve the country and contribute to national rejuvenation。

  Truly for learning, for things, for people unified, as a good student growth guide, the majority of teachers to moral cultivation。Virtue is the soul of the teacher。In recent years, the education system has emerged a number of models of teachers' ethics, they stick to the original heart, love life as a son, care about the country, courage to take responsibility, the light of teachers' ethics like bright stars shining on the land of China。Cultivate moral integrity,It is to learn from them to strengthen their ideals and beliefs, cultivate patriotic feelings, cultivate noble ethics, and dare to take on dedication;It is to adhere to the unity of teaching and educating people,Adhere to the unity of word and example,You can't just be a book teacher,And to become a "big Mr." who shapes students' character, conduct and taste.,Strive to become a guide for students to hone their character and contribute to the motherland。Standing on the new road to achieve the second centenary goal,The majority of teachers should harbor the "great people of the country",Guide students to set up great ambitions, Ming great virtues, become great talents, and shoulder great responsibilities,Strengthen the confidence to walk with The Times,We will work hard together with the people and advance together at the same time,Merge the "little self" into the "big self",Strive to become a new era worthy of the task of national rejuvenation,Let youth bloom in the unremitting struggle for the motherland, the nation, the people and mankind。

  The majority of teachers should devote themselves to study when they really unite for learning, for things and for people, and be the guide of good students' growth。Based on the reality, the global great changes are happening quietly, and the speed of knowledge change is accelerating。Compared with the changes in the external environment, only by focusing on learning can teachers obtain the steadiness to respond to all changes, and implement the education for the Party and the country in real actions。"Never tire of learning and be tireless in teaching", teachers should devote themselves to study and seek the attitude of constantly updating the idea and seeking the advancement of knowledge。For students thirst for knowledge, teachers should be such as eating mulberry leaves, digestion and spit beautiful silk;In the face of the classroom where the students are, the teacher should have the consciousness of creating a "golden lesson", so that the classroom has the weight of real money。Teachers should have the consciousness to resist the bad atmosphere and the temptation of money and concentrate on educating people。Teaching and educating people should not be any impetuous, money is the most easy to destroy the image of the teaching profession。Teachers should be firm in saying "no" to paid remedial lessons and utilitarian education, keeping the bottom line of teachers' ethics, and integrating the value of their lives into the growth of students' lives。

  Truly for learning, for things, for people to unite, as a good student growth guide, the majority of teachers should be pioneering and innovative。"Today's school is a place for learning。Only with the courage to act can there be the harvest of true knowledge and the possibility of creation。Pioneering and innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for the realization of education and even the great Chinese dream, but it is not easy to do well。The majority of teachers must first have the feelings of the motherland and the courage to climb the heights, which is the source of strength of the old bureau and the new bureau。Just like the team of Huang Danian teachers, a world-renowned innovative discovery comes from the urgent needs of the people of the motherland and from decades of uninterrupted persistence。The majority of teachers should be pioneering and innovative, and have the attitude of bending down to get close to students。Whether it is the principal using "walking" time to talk about the project to the team members, or the teachers and students "soaking" in the laboratory, only by aiming at practical problems, establishing a learning and research community, and working together to overcome difficulties can we break the deadlock。The majority of teachers should have a down-to-earth and hard-working spirit in pioneering and innovating。A tall building starts from the ground, and innovation comes from research and the ground you walk on。The sweat on the grass-roots line, the paper is written on the land of the motherland, which is proved by practice irrefutable truth。

  A magnificent new journey has begun, to be a good guide for the growth of students, to do a good job of building the dream team of the Chinese nation, is the responsibility of teachers, but also the glory of teachers。广大教师要牢记习近平总书记的嘱托,不忘立德树人初心,坚守教育报国理想,为民族复兴贡献力量。The whole society should work together to carry forward the tradition of respecting teachers and valuing education, jointly build a good education ecology, and continue to create a brilliant education and write a brilliant chapter belonging to the Chinese nation in the great struggle!

2021-09-10 Source: China Education Daily

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