School-enterprise co-construction

At present, China is developing from labor-intensive to modern manufacturing industry, and it is an important task for China's economic development to revitalize manufacturing industry and realize industrialization。As the most typical mechatronics digital equipment, industrial robots have high added value and a wide range of applications. As a supporting technology for advanced manufacturing and an emerging industry in information society, industrial robots will play an increasingly important role in future production and social development。

Chongqing Ximen Raisen Precision Equipment Manufacturing Research Institute Co., Ltd. is a system integration and application research oriented high-tech enterprises。Robot application Research Center -FANUC Chongqing Certification Center;Obtained the "Authorization Letter of Industrial Robot Technology Skills Training Base" issued by the Education and Examination Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology。

Industry-university-research exchanges

Industry-university-research cooperative education is a form of education that makes full use of different teaching environments and teaching resources of schools, enterprises and scientific research institutions, as well as their respective advantages in personnel training, and organically combines school education based on classroom imparting knowledge with production and scientific research practice based on direct acquisition of practical experience and practical ability。

Training room and related professional curriculum construction

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