Intelligent manufacturing professional teacher enterprise practice training class started

       According to the 2023 teacher training work plan of our company, in order to implement the teacher enterprise training system, enhance the professional practice ability of teachers, and promote the close integration of industry, education and research, it is scheduled to hold (intelligent manufacturing professional) teacher enterprise practice training from July to August。The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

     (1) Training objectives: Through practical training of enterprises,Enable students to establish a modern vocational education concept,Clear the new energy vehicle major curriculum and teaching reform direction,Master the development of new technologies for future new energy vehicles that are electrified, intelligent, networked and shared,Understand the development planning path of new energy vehicles and the differentiation of new energy vehicle technology paths in different countries,Master the core and key technologies of new energy vehicle application and maintenance,Understand the new skills, new requirements and new positioning of future positions in the automotive industry,Promote the construction of professional groups related to automobile maintenance。

     (2) Training content:This training focuses on intelligent manufacturing advanced processing technology, intelligent manufacturing equipment selection, intelligent manufacturing equipment PMC logic debugging, industrial robot workstation integration and application design, industrial robot workstation integrated MES design and MES application programming, industrial robot workstation integrated electrical design, industrial robot workstation integrated system debugging, PLC hardware structure and designCommunication and other modules of the post practice;Went to Changan Ford, Jinkang Automobile, Yadi electric vehicle and other intelligent manufacturing benchmarking enterprises field research,Experience the innovative development of modern intelligent manufacturing enterprises;Learn the specific content of enterprise production organization mode, process flow, relevant positions (types of work) responsibilities, operation norms, employment standards, management system and corporate culture。

     (3) Training targets: key teachers of intelligent manufacturing related majors in colleges and universities, and teachers who participate in the training must meet the following basic conditions:

     1.Good moral, physical and mental health, able to leave the post to participate in the whole process of learning and practice;

     2.At least three years of professional teaching work in intelligent manufacturing;

Note: Please refer to the attachment for the training course and registration method. The training registration fee is 3680 yuan, and the board and lodging are by themselves。

Application deadline: July 20, 2023, Contact person: Xiao Linlin Tel: 1532028929,

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