1+X, vocational education "plus" what

1 plus X, what is that

  Reporter: In this year's government work report, it is proposed to speed up the interconnection between education certificates and vocational skill level certificates。The "National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan" issued by The State Council in January this year clearly launched the pilot work of the "academic certificate + several vocational skill level certificates" system。Why is this system in place?

  Chen Lixiang: According to the "National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan" issued by The State Council, starting from 2019, the pilot work of the "academic certificate + several vocational skill level certificates" system will be launched in vocational colleges。We encourage vocational college students to actively obtain a variety of vocational skill level certificates while obtaining academic certificates, expand employment and entrepreneurship skills, and alleviate structural employment contradictions。

  One of the important missions of vocational education is to provide practical talents to meet the needs of economic and social development, and to make these talents have the ability of sustainable development。With the advent of the digital technology wave, the industrial structure of our country is undergoing profound changes。At present, there is a huge shortage of technical skills in modern agriculture, advanced manufacturing, modern service industry and strategic emerging industries, and the structural employment contradiction is becoming increasingly prominent。Vocational colleges must strengthen the cultivation of talents, reform the education and teaching system, and adapt to the rapidly growing demand for human resources。

  The implementation of 1+X certificate system will enhance the employment competitiveness of students and the ability of talent supply of vocational schools, enhance the market attraction of vocational schools, and provide continuous driving force to promote the in-depth reform of vocational education in our country。

  At the same time, the introduction of this reform initiative marks the start of a new round of talent evaluation system construction work, and the design of the national qualifications framework is ready。Talent evaluation system and vocational education system will establish a direct connection, vocational learning mode will also face profound changes。At present, the pilot work has attracted wide attention from all walks of life。

  Reporter: What is the essence of the 1+X certificate system?Of any significance?

  Chen Lixiang: The 1+X certificate system is not a simple addition of the "two certificates" of academic certificate and vocational skill level certificate, let alone an increase in employment threshold for vocational colleges。The purpose of implementing the 1+X certificate system,Not outside the learning system of vocational colleges,Design an independent talent evaluation system,It is to pass the evaluation and certification of vocational skill levels,We will guide vocational colleges in reforming their education and teaching systems,Improve students' learning process and learning style,Broaden and enhance students' employability and entrepreneurial ability。

  The core of the 1+X certificate system is to enhance the talent supply capacity of China's vocational education and provide a large number of skilled workers with qualified vocational skills for the production service line。Therefore, the 1+X certificate system reflects the degree of capacity building of students and schools。

  First, 1+X equals the student's comprehensive vocational ability。The first is employability, including the core qualities of career development, such as learning ability, thinking ability, comprehensive ability, social ability and leadership ability。The second is the ability to work, mainly the ability to work in specific occupations。The third is innovation and entrepreneurship, including the ability to adapt to change, and the ability to develop entrepreneurship based on vocational skills。

  Secondly, 1+X equals the talent supply capacity of vocational colleges。The talent supply ability of the school not only includes the talent training ability to adapt to the actual needs, but more importantly, the rapid response ability to adapt to the changes in industrial technology。The implementation of 1+X certificate system will provide effective tools and ways for all kinds of colleges and universities to adjust the personnel training specifications and the corresponding curriculum system and teaching system。

  1+X, plus what

  Reporter: 1+X certificate system, how to shape the vocational education learning system?

  Chen Lixiang: For vocational education, the foundation of the integration of production and education is the deep integration of work and study。Similarly, the vocational education learning system is a deep integration of personalized learning based on career development and procedural learning based on the needs of enterprise development。1+X certificate system is to adapt to this integration trend came into being, will inject fresh blood for vocational education reform。

  First, "agile" learning - an "agile" teaching system that quickly keeps pace with industry needs and changes。At present, digital technologies are driving economic development and transformation at an unprecedented scale and speed, creating many new jobs。This requires vocational education to establish "agile" learning systems to help workers adapt to the rapidly changing world of work。The evaluation and certification of vocational skill levels are directly related to occupational activities and must quickly reflect changes in the needs of occupational positions。Therefore, encouraging vocational college students to participate in skills assessment and obtain vocational skill level certificates will guide schools to adapt to market changes, adjust and improve course structure and content, and gradually form an "agile" education and teaching system that can quickly synchronize with industrial needs and changes。

  Second, personalized learning - a student-centered ability development system。The traditional vocational learning system emphasizes the needs of enterprises as the center, often ignoring the developmental needs of students' career。With the further development of the platform economy, the choice of employment opportunities is becoming more and more personalized。The new learning system emphasizes the construction of students' ability structure based on the job demands of enterprises and focuses on students' personal development needs。On the basis of major studies, students participate in relevant vocational skill level training and assessment according to their career development plan to enrich their learning experience and build a competence structure centered on personal development。This not only plays an important role in its comprehensive and sustainable development, but also directly improves its ability to employment and entrepreneurship and adapt to rapid changes in the market。

  Thirdly, process learning -- vocational learning system based on work process。The implementation of the 1+X certificate system objectively requires that the professional setup of vocational colleges and industrial needs, curriculum content and professional standards, teaching process and production process。The main technical method to realize this connection,It is based on the working process of the industry site,According to the law of career development of technical talents,To construct vocational college learning system,Realize "learning by doing" and "learning by doing",Through systematic professional learning and flexible certification methods,Enable students to achieve the growth process from beginners to proficient。

1+X, How to "add"

  Reporter: In your opinion, how should we speed up the interconnection between academic certificates and vocational skill level certificates?

  Chen Lixiang: The government work report has listed "accelerating the connectivity between academic certificates and vocational skill level certificates" as the government's work task in 2019。

  1+X will deeply improve the learning system of vocational colleges and promote the deep integration of production and education in vocational education。To achieve this integration, three changes of vocational learning should be promoted: enhancing vocational skills training in course learning, developing comprehensive vocational abilities in work situations, and strengthening the application of vocational skills in the learning process。

  First, accelerate the improvement of the vocational standard system and accelerate the construction of the standard system of vocational education。Vocational standards are the basis of various standards of vocational education。At present, the improvement of the occupational standard system should be based on directly and effectively reflecting the industrial field work process, leveraging digital technology and big data analysis technology to form a working mechanism for the occupational standard system to quickly reflect the changes in the needs of the industrial field。

  The second is to adhere to the principle of process-oriented curriculum design and accelerate the improvement of the curriculum system of vocational colleges。We will promote the alignment of professional Settings in vocational colleges with industrial needs, curriculum content with professional standards, and teaching processes with production processes。Gradually form a working mechanism for colleges and enterprises to jointly develop the curriculum system。

  The third is to fully adapt to the development of cutting-edge technologies such as big data technology and Internet technology, and cultivate and develop centralized and distributed learning methods。The concept of project learning and service learning is widely applied to develop a learning platform for the docking of schools and enterprises, and the work projects and "master" resources of enterprises are directed online, so that classroom teaching is connected with the work site and enterprise internship。Based on professional standards, students are provided with more practical learning opportunities and channels through the study and training of real work projects in specific occupations。

  The fourth is to cultivate and develop third-party evaluation institutions, focusing on the practical ability of work, and carrying out the work of skill level evaluation and certification。Pay attention to the principle of promoting learning by evaluation, and guide the vocational education learning system to be directly related to the skill talent evaluation system。Evaluation agencies and vocational schools should be based on professional standards,Form a collaborative working mechanism,Enable students to validate their skill acquisition while learning;"Skill Bank" as the national "credit bank" management platform,The recognition, accumulation and conversion of learning results embodied in academic certificates and vocational skill level certificates shall be carried out in an orderly manner。

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